Enjoy Puncak Pass in Bogor, Hilly ground with lots of tourism spot on it.

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Published: 30th April 2013
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Puncak area in the field of Bogor is a resort highland approximately 10 kilometer starting Ciawi, then leave over Cipayung, Cisarua until Cipanas district. This attractive district is commonly called the Puncak, that is the best location to take pleasure in the attractiveness of the mountains, forests and fields of tea patch landscaping that stretches hundreds of acres downhill the street all along the crest passes. this district is sheltered by hectares of tea plantation owned government.

Previously, this position is a public road that link up Jakarta to Bandung. With the street conditions up then low and winding caused by the mountainous and hilly locations and makes this route is great to become touring journey. The feel of this tour through the mountains section is indeed a eye soothing feels, to find out 1000's of acres of tea vegetation are widely distributed in the route that we've been over. Public bus connection that passes in this spot came starting the Kampung rambutan bus passenger terminal in Jakarta toward the city of Bandung.and this buses travelling to bandung every several hours except nighttime. thus the traveller that want travelling to this Puncak resort better to go to in the daylight or noon.

Expansion on Puncak tourism area.

Like a cool position and has beautiful ecological scenery, the Puncak turn into a tourist destination the capital's occupant who want a rustic and hilly including fresh space and beautiful scenery so as to the big metropolitan areas hasn't. Originally this position as a stop while public going to Bandung, eventually developing additional sightseeing business as well as resorts, inns, villas also eating places that provide all desirable hotels as well as foodstuff for the family tourist who take place to outing this area.

The growth of visitors that arrive to the Puncak area progressively as well as the development of several attractions and Botanical Park that being designed there. Development Cisarua expedition park is one of them, the concept of the famous zoo with liberating the animals then visitors be capable of get around this using a private vehicle. Other interesting attractions are situated in the Puncak area is a traveler attraction Taman Bunga Nusantara popular English named "Nusantara Flower Park", a recreational area that has a exclusive compilation of good-looking flowers that achieve thousands of kinds flower from all-around the globe.

the central plot crops beautiful blossom at 3 months of age, therefore the tourists who come there will look into the different performance of plot each visit.
The elegance of these attractions affected for tourists to traveling to the Puncak and take pleasure in it with relatives. Saturday then Sunday along with holiday seasons are as well a moment to enjoy trip headed for this hill side, plus at the same position can enjoy the cuisine offered on the food stalls all along many roads in the region.

For foodstuff enjoyment, you can experiment with the rabbit satay menu, or else Sundanese traditional meals available in Conventional restaurant along the ride, or try the delicious grilled corn. Gift that are usually bought are a mixture of veggies and fruits are sold at many booth there on the roadside.

Historic position at Puncak

The beauty of the Puncak as a visitor vacation spot not only attracked visitors today, but previously since the time of the Dutch in Indonesia, the territory started to be a traveler attraction selections Dutch officials in Indonesia, and later the independence of the Nation of Indonesia, Puncak section established by Presidential Palace Mr.Sukarno in the Cipanas.

and now arrive and take pleasure in the beauty of touring in jakarta also Bandung, and belief to pur service in tour

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